IT services

Getting started with IT for staff

New to Essex? Start here!

Service status

Check for any planned maintenance work or known issues that may be affecting our services.

Get IT support

How to get help and support with IT services and contact the IT Helpdesk.

Accounts and passwords

Access to corporate systems

How to apply for access to University corporate and business systems.

Change your password

How to change your Essex IT account password.

Your staff IT account

Manage your staff IT account, username and password.

Zoom online meetings and webinars

Getting started with Zoom

Get started with Zoom - the University's supported tool for online meetings and webinars.

Getting the best from Zoom

Learn more about Zoom, including how to secure your meetings.

Zoom Rooms

How to get started with Zoom Rooms.

Zoom Webinars

How to get started with Zoom Webinars.

Cyber security

Phishing attacks

What is phishing, how to spot and report it, and what to do if you've already responded.

Antivirus software

Information about antivirus software.

Email quarantine

Information about our email quarantine service and how to retrieve quarantined email.

External email warning banner

Information and FAQs about the external email warning banner.

Multifactor authentication (MFA)

Multifactor authentication (MFA) adds an extra layer of security when you sign in.

Email and calendar

Mailing lists and groups

Find out about mailing lists, subscription lists, email groups and mailshots.

Access your email

How to access your University email account.

Changing your email address

This service is only available to staff and postgraduate research students.

Sharing Outlook calendars

How to share a calendar with someone else or open a shared calendar that you have access to.

Shared mailboxes

A shared mailbox is special type of email account whereby multiple people can send and receive email from a single address.

Email forwarding

Find out how to automatically forward your University emails to another email account.

Sending a Mailshot

How to create and send an email Mailshot.

Equipment and purchasing

Staff printing (Managed Print Copy Scan)

Information about the Managed Print Copy Scan service.

Purchasing IT equipment and software

How to purchase and order IT equipment and software including Centrally Funded Devices.

Moving IT equipment

What to do if you need to move and set up IT equipment to a new location.

Loaning IT equipment

Find out about IT equipment available for loan.

File storage and sharing

Box file storage and collaboration

Box is the University’s official cloud storage and collaboration platform for staff and students.

Staff PC backup and restore tool

Use this tool backup your local data when your University supplied computer is due to be replaced or upgraded.

Home Directory (M Drive)

Store data and documents and access them anywhere on campus.

Store and share documents with Microsoft OneDrive

OneDrive gives staff and students a place to store, share and sync their files.

Recovering lost files

How to recover or restore lost or deleted files and folders

Shared network drives for staff

How to request a shared network drive and access them both on and off campus.

ZendTo file transfer service

ZendTo is a file transfer service that makes it easy for you to move large files in and out of the University.

Accessing your M: Drive off campus

How to access your M:Drive off campus.

Help and support

AVS Helpdesk (Colchester Campus)

Contact the Audio Visual Services (AVS) Helpdesk for help with AV equipment in teaching rooms.

IT Helpdesk

How to get in contact with the IT Helpdesk.

Returning to campus - IT information

Information for staff that are returning to work on campus and have University IT equipment have at home.

Wifi, networks and telephony

VPN (GlobalProtect)

Securely connect to the University network when off-campus.

Remote Desktop (RDP)

How to use the University's Remote Desktop services.

Wired network

Information about the University's wired network and how to connect a device.

Wifi networks

Find out about wifi networks available to you including eduroam.

Telephone services

Information about the University's telephone services.

Connect to eduroam wifi

eduroam provides free wifi and internet access for all staff and students.

Software and tools

Microsoft Office 365

Get the latest version of Microsoft Office for free, including apps like Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook and Teams.

Software Hub

All software in one place, accessible anywhere, anytime.


Information about SharePoint.

Qualtrics survey tool

Qualtrics is the preferred survey tool at the University of Essex.

High Performance Computing (HPC) cluster

We provide a specialist high performance computing service.

EndNote - reference management software

How to obtain and use EndNote reference management software.