Student wellbeing support and signposting

Giving support

Discussing confidential matters with a student

Tips for discussing sensitive matters with a student

Advising students who are thinking of leaving

What to do when a student is thinking of leaving the University.

Supporting students in crisis

Supporting a student who may be at risk

What to do if you are concerned that a student may be at risk.

Supporting and referring distressed students

What you can and can't do if you need to support or refer a distressed student.

Supporting students affected by sexual violence

If a student has experienced sexual violence there is help available from the University.

Supporting diverse student groups

Supporting commuting students

Read how to support students who may commute to University.

Supporting joint degree students

How to support joint degree students on issues including a sense of belonging and needing support from two departments.

Supporting LGBT+ students

How to support LGBT students with issues such as misgendering, confusion from others regarding terminology and a perceived lack of LGBT role models at Essex.

Supporting mature students

Mature students may have to balance a home and university life, have dependants or be returning from a break from education.

Policies and procedures

Procedure in the event of a student death

Familiarise yourself with the procedure you need to follow if you are informed of a student death.

Communicable diseases policy

Communication, management principles and protocol of communicable diseases.

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